WordPress Development


WordPress powers 37% of all websites today – that turns out to be just shy of 450 million websites hosted around the world. The fact that it’s free, well maintained, and easy to use, makes it a logical choice for most businesses.

I personally love it because it empowers my clients to manage and update their online presence with ease. Although it is simple to use, getting it setup and properly configured can be a bit challenging. With my extensive experience, I can optimize WordPress with the appropriate settings, plugins, and theme to get your next online endeavor up and running.

For some of you, getting up and running might be all you need. For those of you looking for a more custom solution to meet your complex business requirements, I can do that too.


Making things look pretty is only part of my job. With dozens of custom WordPress implementations under my belt, I know what it takes to bring an idea to fruition.

Whether you’re looking for a new feature on an existing website or a fully customized theme for a new one, I’m happy to work with my clients to make sure they get exactly what they need.

I will take the time to listen to your goals, research solutions, flesh out ideas, and sketch out prototypes, with your input and approval along the way. Armed with the best information possible and a plan in hand, I will then implement your vision with the attention to detail that it deserves. Once completed, I carefully test and retest all of my projects to make sure they run as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Performance Optimization

Study after study has proven that the longer a website takes to load, the more apt visitors are to abandon it and move on.

Improving your load time by even 1 second could increase your conversion rate by 7%. Maybe even more importantly, Google uses page speed as a ranking factor in their search results!

I conduct professional website audits to identify speed bottlenecks, rank them in order of importance, and create improvement plans to ensure my clients get the most bang for their buck. I then use my budgeted time to attack these pain points and squeeze every bit of speed I can out of your project.


Migrating your content from one platform to another is a delicate task. All of that hard work and precious data is just hanging in the balance.

I will handle your data with the care and attention it deserves to ensure nothing is lost or corrupted. I’m talking about backing up backups of your backup.

Maybe you’re looking to change your domain name or move an existing WordPress setup to a new hosting company? I can also make sure those kinds of migrations happen as smoothly as possible with little or no downtime for your business and its customers.

Mobile-Friendly HTML/CSS

Why is it important?

When it comes to business, your goal should be to reach the largest qualified audience possible. To achieve that goal you have to be willing to go wherever that audience is.

The reality is, they could be sitting at a computer in their home office, on the couch with a tablet, or on-the-go with their mobile phone. Which tablet are they using? What is the screen resolution on that laptop? Do they have the latest iPhone?

It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, you can’t afford to ignore potential customers just because the device they happen to be using has a small or unusual screen – that’s like throwing money away. The best way to hold onto all of your potential customers is to make sure you have a website that adapts to any device they throw at it.

How do you do it?

We will work together, with your business goals in mind, to define the needs of both your desktop and mobile users.

Using this information I will carefully craft a design that ensures your visitors get the information they’re looking for, while you get the measurable results you’re looking for.

Already have a design? I will happily take your designers assets and direction to bring their pixels to life. I typically utilize leading mobile-first frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap to create websites that look amazing on any device. Although I could happily build your next project completely from scratch, these frameworks speed up the process and will leave you with a product that can be easily extended and updated moving forward.

Email Marketing Templates


How do you succeed in a place where users have their fingers hovering, just itching to hit that delete button? You rise above the swarm of inbox competition with a design that grabs your reader’s attention and guarantees your message is heard.

Your email campaigns are an extension of your brand, but just making them look pretty isn’t enough. I have the experience needed to carefully craft emails, with tried and tested design elements, that drive customers to action.

Just like your website, your marketing emails can be opened and viewed across a host of very different devices and clients. I utilize the latest responsive techniques and design hacks needed to ensure your newsletter looks it’s very best, regardless of where it’s ultimately opened.


What good is this beautiful responsive code if there’s no way to deliver it to my customers?

I work with my clients from start to finish, making sure their email campaigns are implemented and working perfectly in their email delivery service of choice.

Whether you choose to use Hubspot, MailChimp, or Campaign Monitor I can take your design and convert into a service specific template that is simple to edit and customize.

Maybe you’d prefer to use a service not on the list above? I always enjoy a challenge and never pass up an opportunity to learn something new!